Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate liveblogging again tonight.

I'm guessing none of the usual suspects will make it tonight, but theCSO and I at least will be watching the debates from here and providing our usual commentary.

My church has a non-partisan debate-watching party tonight, and the temptation to do "town-hall-style-liveblogging" with lots of people's comments is there, but don't know that I can handle that and still have my comments appear as the debate goes on. I will probably just liveblog from home as my liveblogging pretty much consists of me typing stream-of-consciousness for an hour and a half with occaisional pauses to google something and/or get more alcohol and isn't precisely a social activity.

Folks from my church, who have become increasingly aware of the Chaliceblog, will likely be commenting, though, and of course I would love it if you commented too.



Anonymous said...

Do we have a list of drinking words for tonight?

Chalicechick said...

Ooh. So far my record of picking the hot buzzword in advance has not been good. Off the top of my head, I would think we're going to hear a lot about "main street."

I'm going to teetotal tonight due to having three more days of work and school, but I will be strongly tempted to drink anytime I hear the equivalent of "I feel your pain."

(Since townhall debates tend to have a lot of depressing tales of woe.)


PG said...

I like drinking games that are indicative of the participants' perceptions. (The first drinking game I came up with was the "All in the Family" one where you drink each time Archie says something offensive. Good gauge of how hyper-PC your drinking buddies are.)

Considering that both candidates are going on the character offensive (McCain on Ayers, Rezko and Wright; Obama on the Keating Five), I'd take a shot each time they take a shot at each other based on character rather than policies. Scotch for McCain, rum for Obama.

ogre said...

Can't come for the ride. A meeting that was supposed to happen Thursday (and can't on Weds) could only be moved to tonight.

So I'll watch it recorded, and missing it will make no difference.

Don't drink every time McCain says "middle class" and the like. He got hammered for not talking about the middle class after the last debate... and given the state of the campaign, I figure they're playing make up; they're not on their game and leaping ahead.

I think that mentioning Ayers would be a foolish move--because I think it's possible for Obama to reframe it pointing out that the connection with Ayers was through the Annenberg Foundation (Annenberg being a big Republican supporter) and was done with a bunch of Republicans. So the guy who was scary back when Obama was eight years old and playing little league... is ok for Republicans to invite to help on local civic projects now. PLUS, it opens up the door to Keating, and to whatever Abramoff shot Obama might make (McCain having been in charge of the committee which buried a lot of whatever went on...). Keating's come up in the media, and people remember Abramoff as current scandal stuff. Bookending McCain with Keating and Abramoff would be harsh... but fair, once McCain tries to wave Ayers. That's assuming that Obama doesn't mention Todd Palin's membership in AKIP until just a few years ago....

I think McCain will steer clear of that and hope that Palin and the media and the whisper campaign can make something of it.

Don't drink every time McCain claims he's been a supporter of regulating Wall Street. He will. The post debate fact checking will be ugly....