Monday, October 27, 2008

Imagine a chubby paralegal doing the happy dance

Chalicechick's least favorite member of the entire legislative branch has been convincted on all seven counts.

Boom shaka laka!

hat tip to Kermit-the-Scott, who Imed me this not knowing how happy it would make me.


ogre said...

Scared the cat and my sons with my shout!



Stephanie said...

It does feel pretty good.

I mean, as someone who has had to pay for remodeling.

Anonymous said...

I hear Dollar Store is excellent for tiaras. A friend of mine got four for a dollar there once. Though she couldn't wear them all at the same time, it was a bargain she couldn't pass up. (Like, apparently, that ill-fitting pink jacket Sarah is now determined to wear all week, even though it definitely makes her look more like she is from a small town in Alaska.)

PG said...

I think it might get overturned on appeal. The prosecution did not behave well, and the defense apparently was too incompetent to catch them at all of it (e.g., they missed that the indictment falsely claimed Stevens had checked "no" with regard to a form asking if he had received gifts). In some ways, Stevens's actions and testimony during the trial were the best evidence against him; the prosecutorial misconduct just muddied the matter.

L said...

He's not going to let it stop his campaign though! I saw a commercial today saying "Aren't you tired of all the people trying to ruin Ted Stevens' reputation?" and I thought, "you ruined it yourself, you big idiot!"

Comrade Kevin said...

Now let's see if this makes a major impact on the size of the Democratic majority in Congress.