Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton not going to run for President again.

Doesn't expect to be Senate Majority leader, won't be on the Supreme Court.


I'm assuming that now that Obama is beating McCain by like 15 percent among white women, I can say that I think this is a shame without somebody calling me a harridan or anything.



Anonymous said...

She was saying the same thing when she was first elected to the Senate...

I would not give up yet... its all part of the playbook.

Yours in Faith,


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that this is a "I'm humble and happy to be a Senator serving the great state of New York," sort of thing. I don't think you go from being super-duper ambitious to just being happy being an average old Senator.

ogre said...

I suspect that it's pretty genuine. That said it's genuine--honest--given that there's no present real question.

But it's different answering a hypothetical question about the future than it is answering one about right now.

Hillary, I believe, really doesn't believe she'll run for the presidency again. She's likely right. But... if somehow Obama implodes and leaves us disappointed and 2012 becomes a meaningful question for the Democrats...

Comrade Kevin said...

Nixon said he was quitting politics after losing a bid for Governor of California and then came back to run and win in 1968.

Maybe not the best analogy, but I think you see my point.

I doubt you will have seen the end of Hillary Clinton. Still, I really do think we'll have a female President within the next decade or at maximum fifteen years. It may not be here---but there are so many better female candidates for elective office than Hillary.