Thursday, October 30, 2008


Reason and Reverence has a nice post up about how Liddy Dole's has an ad about her opponent Kay Hagan EATING DINNER with a guy who works for an atheist PAC and even ACCEPTING CONTRIBUTIONS.

It's not even claimaing that Hagan herself is an athiest. Does merely fraternizing with atheists qualify for an attack ad these days?

While we're talking about hitting below the belt, here's a great commercial that does just that:



TheCSO said...

Yes, it does. I assume your question is rhetorical, since we both went to college in Dole's state..

(This kind of crap, btw, is exactly why I left NC and never looked back. If I didn't have family there, I'd probably never set foot in the state again.)

As far as I can tell, the ranking goes something like this:

1. moderate-to-conservative Protestant Christian
2. Catholic
3. Jewish or liberal Christian
4. Mormon etc.
5. Atheist (includes Buddhist and other faiths that don't have an Xian-style God Figure)
6. Multitheistic traditions
(7 through 14 intentionally left blank)
15. Muslim (and Americans mostly can't tell the different types of Islam apart AT ALL)

#1 is unassailable, 2 through 4 can have aspersions cast upon them, and 5 on down can pretty much be openly mocked. Appalling, to be sure, but pretty much how the world is.

Palin's 2012 campaign, which I see as pretty inevitable at this point no matter what happens on Tuesday, is sure going to be "interesting" to watch.. I expect it to be Dole's race on a national level.

PG said...

Appalling, to be sure, but pretty much how the world is.

At least in the 4th Circuit.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that, while we have made gigantic strides in overcoming racial bigotry and discrimination against sexual orientation, religious bigotry seem to be *more* acceptable than it has ever been in my lifetime. I cannot imagine that commercial having been aired during the late 20th century(Nor, for that matter, can I imagine the discrimination that Muslims currently face.)

The CSO is correct- Palin's 2012campaign has already begun. By the time 2012 rolls around, however, she might be thought of as too moderate to represent the Republican party, which I expect to become more extreme in minority status.