Monday, June 18, 2007

Random notes on a Monday Morning

1. Posting will ideally be light until I leave for GA, at least, unless someone says something REALLY good. But seriously, I'm trying to get lots of work stuff done before I leave.

2. Nancy Drew really rocked mightily. It was reminiscent of Clueless, not as smart, but I actually enjoyed it more. As far as I can tell, the "ironic, but sweet, you know she's annoying but you love her, my goodness this movie is smart and fun and sweet and goofy and a tiny bit edgy in its way, but all in balance" tone is damn near impossible for a movie to pull off and they manage it. I honestly can't remember when I've had a better time at the theater, and I desperatly want a notebook with a little felt cover with little felt letters reading "clues" stitched on it.

3. My bowling has actually gotten worse since I started playing Wii bowling.

4. I haven't mentioned this, but two weeks ago I bought an Igallop. I got it on wicked, wicked sale and I ride it all the time.


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Anonymous said...

What is an Igallup?