Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ok, THIS might make me rethink the bodies exhibition...

LinguistFriend is visiting and I took him to Bodies:the Exhibition.

We're maybe a quarter of the exhibit and he's already caught three
mistakes. (A Greek word indentified as latin, a mispelled Latin word
and a misunderstanding about the way voice production works...)

We will put up a complete post on errors in the exhibition later with
anything else he finds...



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--Lisa Simpson


Anonymous said...

CC- Is this the same exhibit that raised such controversy in Florida last year over its possible use of bodies of executed political prisoners from Dailan Medical School in China? Or is this another exhibit? I don't mean to raise a controversial point, but if this is that exhibit, does that change how you feel about it? ::tiptoeing around gently as I can::

Anonymous said...

What is your tolerance for mistakes? Do you have a rule? Should this show have had no mistakes at all? does the seriousness of the mistakes count?
Spelling and other word and grammar errors are becoming more and more common in the last ten years. I find it annoying, but I thought that was just me and other old fogies.
The physiology error in a show dedicated to the body seems particularly problematic though.
However, the impact it had on you -- is that affected by these mistakes? How?

PG said...

Ha, this reminds me of when I went to see the America On the Move exhibition at the Smithsonian several years ago, and had to be dragged out of the museum before I could go harass the exhibitors about having mislabeled a picture of a Houston highway as being one in San Antonio.
The website for the exhibit has the picture correctly labeled, so I guess someone else bugged them about it ;-)