Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CC and theCSO:Talkin' like hippies"

Ever since CC came back from GA, theCSO and she have been inserting the phrase "in right relation" into our conversation as much as possible.

Probably "I don't feel in right relation with the number of cats in this bed," was the funniest this particular running joke is going to get, but if somebody says something better, I will report it.

TheCSO has been on a kick that our marital arguments should be stated in the form of "I-messages." CC, while stipulating the therapeutic value of this, doesn't like to do it because she thinks it sounds stupid. She has proffered the compromise that she will use i-messages if theCSO will use "in right relations" whenever possible in said arguments.

He hasn't agreed yet.


1 comment:

Lilylou said...

But it does sound like you've been in right relation with your own bed, for a change.