Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CC picks a ridiculous time to be too excited to sleep

I'm often like this when I travel, which is why if I'm driving a long distance to your house, I will often show up earlier than you expect. If I were driving, I would just get in the car now.

Alas, I'm flying, and early enough that taking a sedative now really isn't an option.

Ah well.

In other news, I wonder what it means for theCSO's and my personal and relationship development that we woke up early enough to have marital involvement this morning, and ended up in a different part of the house so as not to disturb the basset hound soundly sleeping in the bed.

This may be a southern thing.



Jamie Goodwin said...

I have problems with the marital involvement around the pets as well.

We used to make them just get off the bed, but it is disturbing to turn around and see to sets of big brown eyes staring at you from the end of the bed. Now they leave the room.

I admit that I have never left the room so as to not disturb them though.

Chalicechick said...

Heh. One time, we were maritally involved on the dining room floor and our previous dog came up to the CSO and started licking his arm with great vigor.

Yes, theCSO still finished.

If he were French, I would hold this up as proof that he was a real Frenchman.

who likely would not be telling this story if she'd had much in the way of food and sleep in the last 24 hours.