Saturday, June 23, 2007

Crowding, Drinking and the Biological Superiority of UUs

A bit of rest has been forced upon me since the workshop I wanted to go to this session was too full for my or the fire marshall's comfort. This certainly has been a crowded GA. One of the Northwesterners at my table at lunch said

"Those folks in Boston just don't understand how vital a movement we are."

I didn't know that that was true, but it is interesting how popular a GA where we aren't voting on much of interest that is held in such an annoying corner of the country to get to would be so popular.

My vote is to have all future GAs in the Midwest, though.

I went out to a very nice bar with some of my fellow bloggers last night. Can't say we solved all the problems of UUism, but we did find a funky bar and have a wonderful conversation. The blogger dinner was also really great. It was so cool to meet Kim after all these years, though I ended up a table away.


The same woman at my lunch table I refer to above said she'd read a study that said UUs were "poor screeners," meaning that we took in more information about the world around us than people of other faiths and thus lived in a different world from people of other faiths. She was very proud of us, though she allowed as to how this characteristic might make us more distractible.

Has anyone heard such a study?



Robin Edgar said...

Well U*Us certainly seem to be "poor screeners" when it comes to some of the clergy they hire. . .

PG said...

I think Al Franken made a similar claim about liberals, something along the lines of how we're open-minded and over-informed and therefore have trouble making up our minds definitely about the best policies to adopt. I feel like that's true for me on some issues (e.g., welfare) but I've met plenty of liberals who seem to have no more trouble making up their minds about what's best than conservatives do.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to finally meet you too.

That distractable stuff -- it's part of "green meme" thinking. Spiral Dynamics. Interesting stuff.