Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I always thought the commercial that this is based on was the best thing to come out of George Orwell's book 1984.

What I don't like about the book 1984 is the endless amount of poorly thought out political metaphor that people make about it. Obviously this is along those lines.

But what the heck, I still sort of like it.

I'd vote for her, but I'm not a big Hillary fan. She mostly seems to be liberal where I'm moderate and moderate where I'm liberal.



Comrade Kevin said...

It's a stretch, but I can see where Obama is coming from.

1984 is much more applicable to the current administration in power. But truth be told, I don't like Hillary because she does modify her position strategically, deliberately, and calculatingly.

Obama is who I will vote for in the primaries.

Chalicechick said...

It has been a few years since I read 1984, but I have never been particularly impressed with it.

The characters don't feel human to me, but like puppets making Orwell's point.

And the "future" Orwell imagines seems dated even now.

Give me "Brave New World" any day.


PG said...

Agreed that Brave New World is far superior to 1984. 1984 is totally implausible for modern Westerners -- we're way too oriented toward self gratification to live in a grey world with crappy chocolate. Not to sound like Robert Bork, but we're much more likely to become hedonists, sexually and otherwise.

However, the protagonist of 1984 felt like a reasonably well-realized character to me. And I don't find the other characters to be any more "mouthpiece" for Orwell's political ideas than characters of Narnia were for C.S. Lewis's religious ideas, and he's usually considered a novelist more than a propagandist.

I think in a Clinton-Giuliani race, I actually would be tempted to vote Republican. I really don't like her, especially since she started trying to pander to the right about flag burning and videogames.

Chalicechick said...

OK, the video games and flag burning is exactly what I mean when I talk about her being moderate where I'm liberal.

That said, after Giuliani's whole "Make those icky homeless people disappear" plan, I'd still vote for Clinton over him.


Bill Baar said...

The video is hysterical and remember most viewers today don't know a thing about Orwell or 1984.

They just know Clinton can sound incredibly wooden and phoney, and that's what's being ridiculed here.

Which is a turn around. I'm probably the only one here who can say I've voted for Obama and since then I've realized what an phoney he is.

After election he was quick to endorse the worst of Chicago politicans and then he tells me he's been having dinner with Tony Rezko a couple a times a year for over a decade.

He also said his campaign doesn't have the tech saavy to do this ad.

It didn't come from him, but I winced when I heard that.

His people way to sophisticated....

Bill Baar said...

Here's what I mean about Obama.

Obama's current spokesperson roomed with the guy back in 2006 working on Sherrod Brown's Senate campaign.

So Obama's campaign hadn't a clue who created this ad?