Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Response from Wal-Mart.

Good afternoon. Thanks for your question about the pet food recall.

Here's the company's official statement about the recall, which I
believe addresses each of your questions. If you have any additional
questions, I'll be happy to try and answer them. I also have a couple of
additional comments after the statement.

"Here at Wal-Mart, we simply do not take chances -- that's why we've
decided to remove all Ol' Roy and Special Kitty Menu Foods Products from
our store shelves. They'll only return when we're convinced that all
the issues have been resolved. Our customers expect nothing less.

"Pet food safety is a top priority at Wal-Mart as we understand the
important role that pets play in our customers' lives. Wal-Mart sent
direction to our stores to immediately remove all impacted dog and cat
food products from store shelves based on information provided by the
manufacturer Menu Foods. As an extra proactive measure until this issue
with Menu Foods can be resolved, we have sent direction to all of our
stores to have any other Ol' Roy and Special Kitty pet food offerings
from Menu Foods that are not impacted by this recall to also be
immediately removed from our shelves. As an additional precautionary
measure, we have put a sales restriction on the products in question so
that, should one inadvertently be scanned, a restriction notice will
come up for the cashier.

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the federal government agency
that oversees, along with state regulatory programs, that all pet foods
and ingredients used in pet food are safe.

"At Wal-Mart, only specific offerings in pouches and cans from Menu
Foods are impacted by this recall. These include: Ol' Roy in 5.5 ounce
cans (only Gourmet Sliced Beef and Gourmet Chicken with Gravy
selections) and all Ol' Roy 5.32 ounce pouches and Special Kitty in the
3.0 ounce pouch. In addition, Purina Mighty Dog 5.3 ounce pouch
products and assorted IAMS dog and cat food in cans are impacted.

"Those Menu Foods selections not subject to the recall but removed for
precautionary reasons only are Ol' Roy Lamb and Rice; Ol' Roy Gourmet
Chicken, Egg and Bacon; Ol' Roy Gourmet Beef and Chicken; and Ol' Roy
Gourmet Beef. These are 5.5 ounce canned selections.

"Other variations (sizes and flavors) of Ol' Roy and Special Kitty are
supplied to Wal-Mart by different manufacturers and are not impacted by
this recall.

"There is no dry dog food of any brand impacted by this recall.

"Wal-Mart customers with product in question may return it to their
nearest Wal-Mart location for a full refund."

Just one final point of clarification: If Ms. Trask purchased recalled
products and wants to return them for a refund, she is free to do so. At
this point, no one at Wal-Mart is aware of her trying to. Therefore,
there's no way for the company to know for sure that the products she
purchased had been recalled. So again, if they are on the recall list,
and she wants to bring them back, she absolutely can, and Wal-Mart will
refund her money.

Thanks again.


(CC's redacts the chap's name)

P.S. -- Saw your post from today about this. My question about Northern
Virginia was a lame attempt at humor. Sorry if it offended you. I've
lived in NoVA for ten years, so I'm a fan. And perhaps in another ten
years, I'll actually have lived here long enough to be considered a

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