Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Washington we build temples to great men and their ideas.

I love this town.


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Lilylou said...

CC, there are more tunes coming from you these days than lyrics. i.e., the pix are nice, but I miss your tangy comments on life.
Ms. Kitty

Chalicechick said...


The picture is of the Jefferson Memorial.

Ms. Kitty,

Duly noted. I will try to get back into writing more. I'm just really busy.

Anonymous said...

I like Jefferson.

PG said...

I wonder why Washington seems to be the only great man who is commemorated without a statue of him. (I guess the Washington heads all over the GW campus make up for the lack of his image at the Monument. I hate those heads. The first time I was in the GW area, I assumed there was just one of them and tried to use it as a marker to find my way around.

Chalicechick said...

L'Enfant wanted a large equestrian statue of Washington over by Jefferson pier, but Washington hated the idea and wouldn't let him put one up.

The obelisk wasn't put up until the 1830's.

Minor local history buff