Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last WalMart post for a bit

Boy in the Bands knows what a totenskopf loooks like.

PG didn't.

Actually, I'm with PG. I would have not seen that and thought Nazi. I would likely have seen it and thought "talk like a pirate day."

That said, if I were a company famous for having a rather federalist approach to doing business, where supposedly every major decision is made in Bentonville, Arkansas, I would think I would be able to get those shirts off the sheleves within several months.

If nothing else, the fact that even after congress itself asked Walmart to get rid of the shirts, people were still finding them weeks later should have been a big ol'clue that there were major flaws in the recall system.

As for a register restriction, that's all well and good, but it's not enough. For those of you who look over twenty-one, have you ever tried to buy a bottle of wine when you didn't have your ID on you? (Or have you ever tried to write a check at Wegmans without their stupid check card?)

What happens?

You cashier goes "Hey Jimbo, I need to do an override" to the front end guy.

Jimbo tosses his keys to your cashier.

And you walk out thirty seconds later.

At best, Jimbo comes over, decides you have an honest face and does the override himself. Which doesn't help a bit if Jimbo has never heard of the recall they way some of the WalMart managers hadn't months after the Nazi t-shirt recall.

At the same time, the process has worked a lot faster this time, I will admit. So maybe they did learn from the Nazi T-shirts.


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