Sunday, March 04, 2007

Redefining "whatever:" A less serious post

(Setting: CC's favorite clothing store in the mall, CC is seated on one of the couches. Honorary-sister-in-Law Tina and TheCSO and I have been shopping for several hours. HSIL Tina comes in.)

HSILT: Hey, where's theCSO?

CC: He went to Williams-Sonoma. He's looking for a cocktail shaker.*

HSILT: Ah, yeah, he stopped by to check on me when I was in the swimsuit place. I decided to buy a two-piece swimsuit to wow Charlie. I tried on a couple and modeled then for TheCSO, who helped me pick.

CC: Hmm... Boy, we MUST be like family because I get that on some level I should probably be cheesed off that you're modeling two-piece bathing suits for my husband, but I'm totally like whatever.

LADY WHO IS WALKING PAST US: (gapes at us, eyes wide) You two have totally redefined the word "whatever" for me! I will never use it loosely again!

Gee, some people are SO-O pointlessly uptight...


*Epilonious' dad makes really excellent cosmopolitans for Epilonious' mom. We aspire to be like Epilonious' folks in several ways, but that's one of them.


PG said...

What makes her an "honorary sister-in-law"? Is she an "honorary sister" of the CSO's? I don't think I have any "honorary brothers" except ones who are either cousins or old family friends. When you grew up with someone, yeah, the two-piece bathing suit isn't a big deal; the one really expensive formal dress I own was picked out by my second cousin after I explained the necessity of straps that would cover a bra. And none of my close female friends (honorary sisters) have gotten married, nor dated someone long enough that he could feel like an honorary brother-in-law.

Chalicechick said...

Honorary-Sister-In-Law-Tina's husband and I go way back and I have called him my "non-pathologicla brother" for some years.