Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Chalicechick Reality TV report

Idol: I fast forward through most of this show, but I officially have a girl-crush on Melinda. Her every performance has three stages.

1. Melinda shyly creeps up to the stage like a nervous little turtle.
2. Melinda hands everyone else in the competition his/her ass
3. Melinda nervously scurries away.

I heart her so much.

Oh, and I'd love to hear what PB had to say about the bizarre salmon-colored sequined gown Diana Ross wore on the results show. She looks like, well, Maya Rudolph pretending to be Diana Ross.

Ryan Seacrest and Simon making gay jokes at each other is SO tired.

I'm liking Kristine and Heidi, and finding Nicole reminiscent of many previous obnoxious co-workers. I'm tiring of this show, but I can't stop watching.

America's Next Top Model:
I have met many smart and cool people who like this show, which has helped me accept that I love it myself.

Jael really reminds me of a beloved college friend, but she's not going to win. She's my favorite anyway.

Renee seriously cheeses me off.

Brittany is a whiner, but is really doing a good job. AND she was sick, and played through and gave a bitchin' picture. Tyra seems to like that.



Anonymous said...

I am an American idol addict.

My fav. is Melinda, hands down. My fav. guy is either between Blake or Chris Richardson.

LaReinaCobre said...

I haven't gotten into Idol this season, but my mom's favorite is Melinda, followed by Lakisha. I don't remember who Melinda is; I'll have to check for a reminder.

(I did catch a glimpse of that Indian kid with the fluffy hair TRYING to sing, "Waitin for the World to Change," and I was really amused. Especially since they pressed his hair! He's a funny looking kid and cute, but he can't sing very well. He has no charisma.)

PG said...

I saw something recently where someone was wondering how the Indian kid is still on, and I thought "Dammit, I missed the memo that we're all supposed to be voting for him." I suspect a similar phenomenon occurred for the Hawaiian contestant from several seasons back (whichever was the one with Clay Aiken -- it's the one season of Idol I've seen because my roommate was watching and the computer and TV were in the same room).