Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blog Redesign and other changes

For whatever reason, I can't sleep tonight. So, among other things, I did a bit of a blog redesign. I hope you like it, I do.

Ms. Kitty points out that I haven't been writing as much. Sorry about that. I've had a lot on my mind. I changed jobs about a month ago. I'm much happier in my new one.

As if you haven't guessed by the photos, on Thursday I went to an open house at Georgetown. I absolutely fell in love with the place and now can't wait to go. So that's good. When I asked some night students (I'm going to be a night student) what they thought of the day students, the response was that lots of them were straight out of college and not all that interesting and that the night discussions were better.

I love this answer for two reasons:

1. I want in on the good discussions

2. That level of candor suggests they were straight with me about other things.

Several people I really respect went to Georgetown. I'm really honored to get to study where they studied. To be honest, I'm still flatly amazed that I got in. But I met some other people at the open house who felt the same way. There was even a guy who had dropped out of law school. (One of the things that made my application squirrelly was that I dropped out of grad school several years ago.)

Having Honorary-Sister-in-Law-Tina and Our-Hero-Charlie-the-Brave and their baby in our basement is starting to make my house feel like a family lives here. And it's a reasonably functional family. This is weird for me. TheCSO and I have been thinking over the family that is the two of us, and what we want our family to be. Linguist Friend has had an open invitation to move in with us for years, now our housemates are starting to feel like part of our family as well.

I'm finally starting to feel confident that I have a support system of functional people who love me even when I suck. I don't have to save everybody and I don't have to be the funny one, the slutty one, the smart one or play any other role. I feel this realization has made me lazier and bitchier. Or maybe it has made me more sensitive to whom I am when I'm not working so hard to be delightful.

Of course, most of those people have been in my life for years and have to varying degrees putting up with my crap for all that time much as I have been putting up with theirs. I guess I'm a slow learner.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that was very clearly my consciousness getting used to letting go of an old dream and starting the road toward a new one.

So, in short, it has been a really reflective time for me. Lots of good things have happened. But they've all happened pretty fast and I find myself carefully hoarding my alone time and treasuring the time I spend stretched out in front of the TV watching silly things and recharging. Last night I went to a midnight movie alone, which felt like having an affair with myself while an unsuspecting CSO played cards with his buddies.*

So anyway, that's my deal these days.

But I think I'm startingto come out of it.

I will write soon.


*Incidentally, "Zodiac" was wonderful. Not the thriller I expected at all, more like a two-hour Law and Order episode with twenty minutes of scary stuff spaced throughout.


Anonymous said...

I have to turn the light up in my monitor to read the red on black. FYI

Lilylou said...

How lovely to find a long, meaty post from you this morning, CC! I like the new design but the contrast of light print on black background is a little tricky for my eyes.

But the post was the best! I am so glad to hear what's been going on for you.

It sounds like you have really landed in the right place. Good!

Anonymous said...

The redesign is lovely.

Chalicechick said...

If blogs suck so much, what does it say about your life that you're spending time commenting on them?


Anonymous said...

I bet the first Anonymous didn't get into Georgetown law.

Chalicechick said...

Heh. The idea of pissed-off Georgetown rejectees prowling the internet is pretty funny.

But my guess from the way the post was written was that the writer isn't old enough to go to law school.

"Posting to random blogs about how blogs are stupid" is just such a junior high way to behave.


Peregrinato said...

I've heard that dichotomy about night law/day law students from other law schools as well.

Peregrinato said...

p.s....I do like the redesign :)

PG said...

This post makes me think that you would like Jennifer Crusie's novels (if you haven't read her before).

LaReinaCobre said...

It sounds like good stuff is going on in your life and better to be away from the blog for that reason than otherwise!

For some reason I thought you were going to GWU, but now I see you're going to Georgetown! It's a really great campus. Are you going to have to commute a lot? Are you going to be working full time and doing law school full time?

You will totally kick butt. And it is nice having housemates that feel like your family (but less aggravating).

PeaceBang said...

So glad you loved "Zodiac!"

geez, what's with the troll?

PeaceBang said...

btw, I love that someone would write on a blog that "no one cares about your personal life."

that's so stupid it's precious