Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Veronica, etc.

Since I found out last week that I do have some Veronica Mars fans reading the Chaliceblog, I'd just like to say that I LOVED how Weevil came out of prison somewhat bloated and puffy. My brothers always do too. Maybe it is just that the actor had gained some weight, but it was a nice detail.

Also, mystery lovers should know that the archives of Ask RatDog rocketh mightily.


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TheCSO said...

Ask RatDog is intriguingly historical. It's very interesting to see how the rise of phishing scams changes her opinion of privacy regulations, and how the rise of the Web changes how she talks about finding people.

She also glosses over the "less ethical" people in her profession. I understand her reasons in doing so - but I wonder just how accurate her picture is.

Also, there are some laughable moments where she says something that's easy enough nowadays isn't technically possibe, such as the one about "no one has a small device that they can use to track your car anywhere in the country - that guy HAS to be bluffing."

I Googled "gps vehicle covert" and found that the exact device this (admittedly, probably paranoid) petitioner thought someone was using on them is now available for $2596.00 - just slap the small magnetic box somewhere under the car and see on a Google Earth satellite map exactly where the car is in real time. Kind of scary to think about where this kind of tech is going to be in ANOTHER ten years..

And she has a bit of "Ann Landers Syndrome", where she'll give extremely wrong advice and then just write an "Oops! I was wrong!" in her column later. Unavoidable to some extent, but it reminds me why I don't like non-interactive advice columns to begin with. Blog-style advice columns with comments enabled at least allow readers to respond immediately and in a manner attached to the specific column in error when they notice an inaccuracy.