Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another (really minor) blogging project

Chalicechick is in a writing group where every month we write a short story on a randomly selected topic to stretch ourselves creatively. The stories I produce there aren't really good enough for me to ever worry about publishing them and I'm only writing them as an exercise in the first place.

That said, if anybody wants to read and comment on them, I've decided to start archiving them here. I should put up about one a month and I plan to put a note here when I add something.

As Linguist Friend's and theCSO's contributions make this technically a group blog, TheChaliceblog isn't eligible for Blogger Beta. One of the reasons I put this second blog project together is to get a look at Blogger Beta and see what it can do. So far, I'm not too excited about the design elements, but I'm delighted that they allow tagging posts into categories, something that I have really wanted for a long time.


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