Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now that could a be a metaphor for just about anything

I just woke up from an awful dream. There was a volcano erupting and there was no time to escape. Some people were preparing, which in my dream meant putting their kids on top of the refrigerator. TheCSO got the place we were staying more or less reasdy, but some of our friends left the apartment to look around and apparently got lost. I went out ot look for them. There had been plans for a town festival that day and lots of people were partying. The weirdest was a marching band marching toward the volcano. I tried to tell them to run for their lives but they ignored me.

I found a part of town where EVERYBODY was goofing off and partying and I was like "Doesn't anyone care that a volvano is on the loose?" Which to my awake self sounds weird.

That was about when I woke up.


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Anonymous said...

Do you suppose this indicates you are worried about the state of our nation?