Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Report from Halloween at the Office

Ok, so I knew we were supposed to come to work in costume today, and had quizzed a person whose sense of style I respect on Halloween Costumes. One of her suggestions was to dress as Tim Gunn and go saying “make it work!” all day at everyone in costume. Her theory was that this might end the dressing-up-for-Halloween tradition in my office forever.

That’s a laudable goal, but I didn’t do it. Her other idea was a pretty minimalist dog costume. I thought that would be pretty cool and was all set to do it when two of my co-workers announced they were coming as 80s cartoon star Jem and as a witch. Knowing that my extrovert coworker would wear something wild and cute as Jem and having seen the sexy witch costumes around these days, I was none to excited about coming as a dog.

Instead, I’m wearing a trench coat with travel books sticking out of the pockets and claiming to be Carmen Sandiego.

Among my coworkers we have a witch, a devil and the office extrovert parading happily around in a long pink wig as Jem. Nobody else dressed up. I had offered a cash bounty to anyone who came as the boss, but nobody took me up on it.

The really irritating thing is that I’m kind of enjoying myself.


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