Friday, October 27, 2006

The Desperate Housewives Video game is an unholy amount of fun

Iliterally can't remember the last video game I bought. My usual MO is to wait to see if theCSO buys a video game and borrow it from him.

Somehow, I guessed that this wasn't happening with "Desperate Housewives." I had read about it online and sort of intended to get it. When my office had a power outage on Tuesday, I decided that was a sign from God that I should be playing.

Kids, this game is SO MUCH FUN. You can get in catfights, you can seduce Mike Delfino. I'm a redhead in the game, my husband is a redhead, but the game automatically made our kid blonde. It's truly awesome. One would not think it is possible for a cooking or gardening minigame to be fun, but they both really are. It has a sims-like interface and the programmers have done a really nice job of capturing the way the actors on the show look and sound. (As you can see from Bree above.)

Bree is not quite so awesome in the game as she is on the show, but Lynette and Susan are fully as annoying as they are supposed to be.

All that said, there's something disquieting about my video game character having a better wardrobe than I do.

Ah well.


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