Thursday, June 22, 2006

UUAGA06: Memorandum

To: The guy sitting one seat away from me during the service of the living tradition, the one with the chewing gum, who stole my program and thought the problems with the closed-captioning were so freaking hilarious that he was STILL reading the bigger mistakes off a full half hour after the problem appeared.

From: CC

It's amazing how tiny, inconsiderate behaviors can add up to really mess with somebody else's experience.


UU-Mom said...

Good point. You might mention it to one of the GA Planning folks or Gini or someone who could point it out publicly. There are better ways of dealing with one's negative experiences than griping and making others feel miserable.

Sorry you lost your program. Hope you find a replacement.

Chalicechick said...

Oh, I'll grab a new program this morning.

Actually, of all the stuff he did, reading the closed captioning mistakes aloud was the most irritating, I thought.

I don't think there's need for a formal complaint, he just bugged me.