Saturday, June 24, 2006

UUAGA06: Boom Shaka laka!

It was a great day at GA this afternoon.

The body passed the Committee on Social Witness' bylaws changes. This is the mother of all good news for the Chalicesseurs who were concerned about GA being unresponsive to the congregations. 25 percent of certified congregations will have OK any SAI in a ballot vote before the SAI is even presented at GA. My prediction? We won't have any SAIs next year because the congregations won't be ready.

If participation in this ballot vote improves next year (this year it was only ten percent, but then, it wasn't required,) then it will be because the people who are passionate about that SAI have worked that much harder to educate the other congregations about the problem they propose to study. They will have had to drum up increased interest to get us to study the issue in the first place.

Will this increased interest mean that the congregations will actually study the study action issues when they come out, getting involved and producing truly representative statements of conscience?

I hope so.

Maybe one of these days, when the UUA speaks on behalf of us, they will really be representing us.

Maybe someday, as Fausto so beautifully puts it, the UUA Washington office will be our ears in Washington and not our mouth.

Yeah, I know. I've got a bad case of GA euphoria.

Infused with delight after the vote, I went up to meet the UUA moderator. I introduced myself by my real name and mentioned that I go by Chalicechick on the web and that I write this blog.

She said "Wow! YOU'RE Chalicechick?" and pumped my hand with great enthusiasm.

Yeah, it was a pretty good afternoon.



Anonymous said...

I was the GA Planning Committee standing at the Moderators side (you know.. the one trying to keep the timing system working). Nice to actually SEE another Blogger!

fausto said...

Wow. A quorum of congregations. There really is a God.

Jamie Goodwin said...

some good news it seems, maybe I was too hard on the plenerary system