Tuesday, June 27, 2006

UUA GA 06: Last GA post, I think

All this GA talk must be getting dull for folks who weren't there. So let's wrap up. This was my first GA. Here's some advice for anyone else going for their first time:

1. Blog, or read blogs and comment a lot. I was advised to join a covenant group so I would have people to check in with throughout GA. I didn't. Instead I hung out with Linguist Friend a lot and met the bloggers really once a day until Saturday. I won't say we were a covenant group, but we were a little within-GA fraternity. Whenever I saw I blogger outside of one of the blogger meetups, I greeted them with genuine delight and enthusiasm. I felt like there were a bunch of people whom I knew and that made GA seem a lot more comfortable.

2. You will be walking. However much you think you will be walking, you're wrong. YOu will be walking more.

3. As far as I can tell every major road in Illinois and Indiana is under construction all the time.

4. Bone up on thy procedure. I did a bunch of Model UN in high school and college and I was still googling "definition of 'committee of the whole" on my blackberry when I should have been paying attention.

5. If you go out to dinner with Peacebang, let her order for you. Best meal I've had in quite some time.


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