Saturday, June 17, 2006

How to win the immigration issue

Step 1: Find someone who is something of a moderate, and something of a weasel. Also, Christian and quietly liberal on the immigration question. I suggest former Senator John Breaux of Louisiana, especially if he'd like to use this issue to run for Governor. This would go over big in Louisiana.

Step 2: Have Sen. Breaux or whoever publically point out that Latino immigrants are Christian and highlight all the problems Europe is having keeping out immigrant Muslims who come there looking for work. If hardball is necessary, bring up that some areas of Europe are about to lose their Christian majority and Muslims are becoming a significant political force.

Step 3: Have ourselves a mint julep and wait.

I didn't say it would be pretty.

who isn't advocating this. Just sayin' it would work.

Ps. Our new term for Latino people in this country illegally: Christian Immigrants