Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More on high school rankings.

Newsweek came out with its high school rankings a few weeks ago and I wrote this about how pleased I was my high school had come in 85th in the nation.

When TheCSO and Psyton both pointed out that their high school had come in above mine, I thought of mentioning that this pointed to an obvious flaw in the rankings. My husband and his friend both went to a math/science magnet school. The best math/science students in Charlotte were all bussed to their school.

My high school was NEAR a math/science magnet. So some of the students who would presumably have been our best were sent there.

This factor may well make my school's achievements all the more impressive.

I thought through all of that, and realized I was being somewhat petty.

Well, now Linguist Friend has sent me this, which pretty much defenestrates the whole study.

Oh well.


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TheCSO said...

Yeah, I pretty much meant pointing out how my high school did as a demonstration of how bad the methodology was. Because really, CC's high school was better than mine in every way, and to show otherwise requres some mental gymnastics.