Friday, May 12, 2006

Moment by moment

Frequent readers of this blog must be damn sick of hearing about my wedding by now, but I’m afraid this post is slightly wedding-related.

The other night Our-Hero-Charlie-the-Vanquisher and Honorary-Sister-in-Law Tina were over for dinner. (We had “CC’s squished burritos,” HSILT’s last protein-rich meal before the doctor told her to stop eating so much protein.)

OHCtV had been at the wedding, though HSILT had to work, so we pulled out the wedding photos to show her, mostly looking for the cute one of her husband.

It was weird, y’all.

My wedding was less than two years ago, but the wedding photos had two people now dead, four couples now broken up and some six co-workers from my old job.

It was strange to see that and remember my life then. It wasn’t so different. But the things that have changed seemed so certain. My co-workers were a lot more dysfunctional, but a lot more interesting. I thought I would work there for a long time. Some of those couples were solid as a rock. If you’d known Margaret, you would have thought that she was one of those people who would never die because they might miss something.

I know intellectually that change is one of life’s only constants, but wow.

It makes me want to hire a photographer to follow me around all the time to document my life. I guess I don’t like to miss things either.

Actually, what I’d really like is a gospel choir to follow me around. Then, when I said something particularly snarky to someone who particularly deserved it, they would all go

“Oh-oh-oh YEAH”

And that would rock.



fausto said...

Word on the street is, these guys are looking for gigs and work cheap.

Chalicechick said...

Yeah, but I think to really feel it, I would need my gospel choir to be accompanied on the banjo.

Do you think those guys can do that?


fausto said...

I'll let you know after lunch tomorrow.

fausto said...

Yeah, they can do that.

PeaceBang said...

That is NOT FUNNY!!!

We aren't looking for work, either. Because we're very good and getting more gigs than we can handle. *sniff*

Plus, I only know FOUR CHORDS! We have a real BANJO guy in Sweet the Sound and maybe you can hire him.

fausto said...

PeaceBang, sweetie, you have to learn to be less defensive when people make affectionate references to you behind your back but within earshot. Besudes, having heard them now, I think any one of your four chords on the BANJO! would be just the thing when CC says something particularly snarky to someone who particularly deserves it.

(And your group does sound very good, too, BTW, judging from the little bits available on the website. It's no surprise that in reality, as opposed to fantasy in blogland, your gig schedule would be full.)

Psyton said...

can I get an oh-oh-oh YEAH!?