Friday, May 26, 2006

Codename: SnUUp Bloggy Blog

Over at Philo’s blog, he is cluing all GA-attending bloggers in on some blogger get-togethers (BTW, I, for one, would love to meet any Chalicesseurs, whether you have a blog or not.)

The first blogger hoedown will be Wednesday, June 21, from 9:45 to 11:15 p.m. in the Benton Room at the Renaissance Grand Hotel. You’re supposed to RSVP here before June 15 so that Deb Weiner of the UUA can have the proper amount of drinks and munchies. (CC requests gin, ice and Rose’s Sweetened Lime juice. Not that I won’t still show up even if this is a non-Gimlet occasion, but I will have had a long drive and y’all know what I’m like when I’m cranky...)

Also, Philo is putting together a lunch meeting for Thursday. Check the information board at GA or check the Chaliceblog while you’re there. In addition, I’m thinking of putting together a “blogger cell-phone directory” to facilitate spontaneous hanging out and/or snarky text messaging during the plenaries. Shoot your cell phone number to chalicechick at gmail dot com if you’d like to participate.

Also, PB is putting together a dinner for Friday night at a Tapas restaurant. rsvp here

All that said, one thing I would like to do is to start thinking about running a UU blogging workshop next GA. I’m thinking of calling it “CC’s Legends Ball”*


*Ignore me. I get like this on Fridays sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, snUUp Bloggy Blog is even better than gUUgling. Just when I thought we'd jumped that shark long, long ago, it looks like I might've been wrong.

PeaceBang said...

Ask me what my summer drink is.

Ketel One gimlet, straight up!

LaReinaCobre said...

I'm fond of mojitos myself. But I'm not sure that I'm allowed to drink as a member of youth caucus staff. Hmm. Must. find. out.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna make the next one? Isn't it out here on the west coast? We hope to go that one! See you there!