Saturday, May 27, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Two possible plans for my day:

A. Take TheCSO to the train station so he can go to Balticon


1. Paint bathroom blue. (Yay! CC loves blue as a home decorating color)
2. See DaVinci Code movie, prepare snarky commentary for ChaliceBlog
3. Work for awhile on novel numero dos.
4. Hang out at game store with good friends OHCTV and Tina
5. Take myself to dinner at hole in the wall thai place with orgasmic $10 pad thai and read murder mystery.


B. Drive theCSO two hours or so to Balticon, then:

1. Pay a billion dollars to park and fifty bucks to get in.
2. Walk around for hours gaping at freaky sci-fi types.
3. Spend money I don't have on stupid t-shirt I won't wear that has a joke that would only be understood by .5% of Americans anyway.
4. Stand in line for an hour to buy whatever food the convention center Wendy's has left.
5. Flirt shamelessly with graphic-novel-writing hottie Neil Gaiman

Tough call.


Ps. Neil Gaiman doesn't like Barbara Bauer either.


Anonymous said...

EPU (remember him from Beliefnet?) is in Baltimore!
Did you go? Or can I assume you stayed home since you posted more?

Epilonious said...

the Blue is spreading!