Thursday, May 11, 2006

Go talk about fictional UUs at Philocrites

Philo has revived the "What fictional characters are well-suited to be UUs?" discussion, which was a favorite on beliefnet soem years ago.

Hooray for old-school beliefnetters ("old-school" being defined as "like two years ago.")

Anyway, I suspect I will have posts on:

1. Cooking vegan (Honorary-Sister-in-Law-Tina, who is pregnant, has been placed on bedrest and a low-protein diet. I'm cooking her meals for at least a few days, so I will prepare and review a few recipies from The Voluptuous Vegan and review them from a meat-eater's perspective. (OK, rarely a red meat eater, but an enthusiastic eater of fish and poultry.)

2. How we're getting housemates.

3. And assorted stuff in the news

When I get more time.



PeaceBang said...

One word: fiddleheads

Absolutely fabulous. I cook up some couscous, toss it with Paul Newman's balsamic vinagrette and some olive oil and some freshly ground parmesan, and top it off with steamed fiddleheads sauteed in shallots and butter.

I eat huge bowls of it and it's vegetarian, if not vegan.

P.S. You have to wash the fiddleheads in two changes of water and steam for a good long time.

PeaceBang said...

P.P.S. ripe tomatoes chopped up in the couscous adds even more flavor and moisture.