Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Umm... I was kidding about the parental liscensing thing

But some people in Indiana aren't.

I'd say "What the fuck?" sums up my reaction nicely.

I hope to God this is something from the Onion.

whose own parents might not have passed.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous!

LaReinaCobre said...

While some of us are watching television, others are writing bills like this ....

indrax said...

“If we’re going to try to put Indiana on the map, I wouldn’t go this route,”

Does Indiana still really need to be put on the map?

I wonder if the bill actually says anything that would make it harder for same-sex couples to use assisted reproduction. The assessment asks about the 'family lifestyle' but the article does not indicate that homosexuality is grounds for denial.

What I find most sad is how casual people have become with rights.

The assesment asks about church attendance. If a democrat proposed a law like this, the religious right would (rightly) worry that it could be used to discriminate against christians.
But because it's from a republican and we are under the gay menace, it's all OK.

Chalicechick said...

Given that being unmarried is ground for denial, I assume homosexuals are out of luck.


indrax said...

Ah, I missed that.