Wednesday, October 26, 2005

CC's ironic horoscope- a headache post

According to an old Tibetan saying, "It is better to live one year in the life of a tiger than 100 years in the life of a sheep." I'm not saying you're a sheep, Cancerian, but I do believe you haven't allowed yourself to enjoy nearly enough experiences as a tiger. It so happens that it's a perfect astrological time to make up for lost time. May I suggest that you turn into the human equivalent of a big, fast, wild feline? Halloween costume recommendations: tiger, panther, leopard, lion.

No one on this earth has ever felt less like a tiger than headachy, depressed CC, who discovered that her new migraine medication doesn't work on her about halfway through a luncheon for a distinguished congressman from the great state of Virginia and worked for the rest of the day as it's not her company's fault her head hurts and she had stuff to do because she was going to take a vacation, but now it's looking like she's not. (Long story.)

And now she's lying in a dark room giving herself thirty minutes or so to feel sorry for herself before she goes back to being stoical. Because there's no point in being anything but stoical about an undangerous pain that won't go away.

Yes, I know you're sorry. And that's nice to know, thank you.


Ps Blush.

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