Friday, October 28, 2005

CC hearts technology

On a flight from DC to Sacramento tonight, I noticed a completely
empty seat in the last row. I abandoned the CSO and trooped back
there, where I watched "the Apprentice" and fell asleep as we flew
across Wyoming.

I ended up sort of stranded as I didn't wake up until the "fasten your
seat belts" light came on, and when the plane landed we were told we
would have to wait on the groud for another plane to be moved out of
the gate.

So I pulled out my BlackBerry and called the CSO on his to say
"hello," then listened to the stewardesses sitting in the back bitch
about what a cranky plane we were.

And now I'm typing on my BlackBerry, sending out a blog post, goofily
delighted to live in this wacky decade.

Time to deplane.



"And she suddenly realized that what she thought was freedom and joy
was nothing but anarchy and sloth."

--Norman Juster's "The Dot and the Line"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gee, if I'd known you were coming to Sacramento, we might have arranged to drive up there to meet you.
Are you staying long?