Monday, October 17, 2005

CC's favorite Desperate Housewife

In response to Fausto's question



Lynette is so self-pitying as to be totally unwatchable. I fast forward through her scenes. When I don't, I'm always sorry. What a megabitch. Does she actually give her kids a bunch of sugar so they will behave badly when other people watch them, so that said other people will feel sorry for Lynette? Yes, she does. Can you freaking believe girlfriend was jealous of her kid's IMAGINARY FRIEND? Why, yes, she was.

And every episode had the same Lynette plot for the entire last season.

Susan and Gabrielle are OK, in their way, but I wouldn't watch a show about just them. That I don't hate Susan is a compliment to Teri Hatcher, not the writers.

But I found Bree's attempts to make sense of the world in the early episodes absolutely riveting. She's a person who wants to live an unambiguous life in ambiguous world. I see a lot of depth to Bree and a lot of really interesting complexity. Her character was very consistent, yet never exactly predictable last season. I think she's very well written.

Or, well, I did. I don't know what the hell is up with her now.

I was actually planning a "Let us now praise Bree Van Kamp" post at the end of last season going into some of the theology of her way of dealing with the world. Now it will probably never happen.



Anonymous said...

CC-- What did the doctor say about the headache? Are you ok?

I don't watch DH, so I don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

I've had a hard time feeling much empathy for Bree since she let her obviously sociopathic son get away (literally) with murder. (OK, manslaughter.) I've been hoping that issue would come back to haunt them, rather than just being buried in 1st season trivia.

But I agree with your other observations, and actually, I find it interesting that while most of the male characters on DH are decent or at least have some redeeming values (even Susan's ex is starting to seem not so bad), every one of the female characters is pretty despicable, and getting worse with each episode.