Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Devil went down to Georgia" and separation of church and state: CC finds she doesn't care

I know it's an American classic and all, but I can take or leave Charlie Daniels band's Devil Went Down to Georgia. Primus does a decent cover, but on the whole, meh.

So I'm finding myself having trouble getting excited one way or another about a high school band director pulling it from the school's routine because someone in a local papar complained about separation of church and state. I can sort of see both sides. And mostly, I think it's stupid either way.

Have I mentioned that my head hurts?



fausto said...

Sorry about your head. I was plagued by headaches for a while, and even went to a clinic that specialized in them, where they prescribed relaxation therapy (which mostly consisted of listening to soothing sound tapes and imagining yourself in a peaceful spot). It helped some, but wasn't a complete cure.

To my ears, the only reason to listen to Devil Went Down to Georgia is Charlie's fiddling. It's a terrible piece for a high school band, but church and state have nothing to do with it. The high school band might as well try to do a program of Enrico Caruso's Greatest Arias or Eric Clapton's Greatest Guitar Riffs.

Chalicechick said...

Judging by your description, relaxation therapy is not for me. I really think there is something medically up with me. I just don't know what the hell it is.

I really don't think it is stress. I've been under worse stress.

Good point about DWDtG and one I meant to make.