Friday, October 21, 2005

ok, fine another headache post

I'm at Kaiser so much these days I should be walking through the place like a casino greeter.

Pain hit about a 5 on my pain scale of choice and I made another appointment for tonight, whch turned out to be pointless. They offered me narcotics injections but the pain wasn't the central issue. They couldn't give me a neurologist referral. I will have to come back on Monday for that.


Ps. While I am starting to think Roger's diagnosis of cluster headches was spot on, the doctor sure laughed at me when asked for his suggested medcation. Tylenol with codeine will have to suffice apparently.

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Anonymous said...

The treatment I suggested is not in your docs. sense of protocol. I would ask again if you see a neurologist--they might see it differently. This worked in Dr. Sales office for over 70% of his cluster headache clients.

Not that I would push it, but another treatment we used was to Rx Lithium Carbonate (must be monitored with blood tests) which also worked well. This drug is usually used for bi-polar and depressive disorder, but also worked for cluster headache clients.

I would keep asking--after all: they are laughing at ME, not YOU! I can take it.

Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt