Monday, October 24, 2005

Sweet Mother of all that's swell, I have a diagnosis!

Latest Kaiser doctor says Roger was right. It's cluster headaches.

My Immitrex is on order and I start it tomorrow.

Right now, I get one more night of happy, silly, functionally illiterate CC on tylenol with codeine.

who has a lot to say, but can't, you know, say it really. *Giggle*


LaReinaCobre said...

hooray for diagnoses!

Anonymous said...

CC: If the meds are not working--go back to the Dr. that Rx them and ask if you could just TRY what I suggested with the Markane %5 solution--in his/her Office with their nurses supervision. Or at home if they are comfortable with that. I would suggest to them that why not try, since all the other stuff in not working.

Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt