Monday, March 01, 2010

Y'all know I love a well-written letter

NYU Professor Scott Galloway has written one to a student who complained about the lateness policy the professor had for his class. The letter probably isn't as good as a few others I've linked to in the past, but I have a certain fondness for it as "seminar shopping" is really common in my law school and I've always thought it was rude.

Criminal justice *headdesk* of the day, which Radley Balko headlines "SWAT team endangers child, parents charged with child endangerment." This one is more debatable than some *headdesks* I've had, but still. Probably the best part is that they served the warrant when the wife and kid were home because they didn't think they could have done it "successfully" at another time of the day. I'm guessing this means a raid where you kill the family pet in front of a little kid is "successful" by their definition. I'm having trouble imaging why serving the warrant while the kid wasn't home would be any less so.

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PG said...

"Seminar-shopping" in the sense of walking into a seminar an hour into the class was not considered acceptable at my law school. If two seminars met at the same time, you sucked it up and picked one, and if it turned out you would have preferred Tort Reform to Federalism, too damn bad. I don't know what went on at the B school but I'm prepared to believe anything ridiculous of them :-)

(On the other hand, I can see why an evening school might have a different set of norms, since classes are compressed into a more limited time period and it's more likely that multiple desirable seminars would coincide.)