Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's either a good thing about living in (ok, near) a city or a bad thing about living in a city that one tends to forget that stuff like Schools deciding not to have proms rather than let lesbians attend actually happens some places.

The New Orleans hotel owner offering to throw the students a free prom is a nice touch.



Desmond Ravenstone said...

Good for the hotel owner. That's Southern hospitality.

When I was in high school way back when, the students organized their own prom, with faculty advisors. The School Board didn't micromanage things. Not only did they trust us kids to run things, they considered it a positive learning experience.

Of course, the fact that this School Board feels the need to exert such control may also be the reason behind this whole mess.

Steve Caldwell said...

The school administrators have played this issue very poorly from an ethical and public relations perspective:

"Prom offers flood in for Mississippi students"

"Atheist group offers to hold gay friendly prom"

I'm pretty sure the school administration would have spun this as "lesbian student gets prom canceled."

Now it's turned into "lesbian student gets everyone a free trip to a New Orleans prom."

nkjvcjs said...

From last year's Prom in Mississippi. and I'm sure it is enduring this year.

It is sad. Both stories are very sad.