Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The new OK GO video is pretty awesome

Yes, this Rube Goldberg video is impressive. It is seriously cool that it was shot in one take.

That said, this several-year-old Honda Accord commercial is put together out of two, and still counts as the most awesome thing ever, though there is disagreement in the comments.


Criminal Justice *headdesk* of the day.


epilonious said...

Alas, the Honda ad was not single-take (material for both was spliced together) and modified (the Exhaust system does not, in fact, sound like a tuning fork)

The OK Go video was not.

And that is why the OK-Go video wins for me, because it's honest :D

Chalicechick said...

According to Snopes the Honda ad is two takes spliced together.

And article that I saw yesterday that I will try to relocate said that the OK GO video was 60 takes spliced together.


Sarahliz said...

I know people who know people who were involved with the OK GO video. And I've heard that it was one single shot (though there were multiple takes to get it). I trust information from the person who told me this, but since I don't personally know the person he heard it from I can't say I entirely vouch for it. Either way, it looked pretty cool.

PG said...

According to Wired.com, via CNN:
"The video was shot by a single Steadicam, but it took more than 60 takes, over the course of two days, to get it right."

Chalicechick said...

Can't find my original source and I'm starting to think that it has been taken down, but it looks like that source had misinterpreted the statement PG quoted. I've corrected the post, though I still maintain that the Honda Accord ad has more style.