Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random cool stuff you find in Washington DC

I was early for a job interview and discovered this historic house.
It is called "the Octogon" and was built in the late 1700s. It is
where President and Mrs. Madison lived after the burning of the White
House during the war of 1812.

The Treaty of Ghent was ratified here.

I love my city.


Joel Monka said...

And was the treaty examined in the Peer Ghent Suite? Seriously, though, you do live in an awesome city. Ginj loves it, too.

hsofia said...

I like DC a lot. I enjoyed my internship there, and subsequent visits. I don't even mind the humidity.

DairyStateDad said...

I love it every time I get to DC. Which isn't often enough.

What a beautiful building.

DSK#2 will get to go there on a school trip for a week this June. I'm so envious.