Monday, March 15, 2010

That always bothered me, too

XKCD's awesome take on those "Porn for Women" books full of pictures of dudes mopping*.

May be non work safe depending on your workplace but I think you're good.


*Took a minute to run through the list of housekeeping chores and find the one that sounded the least like a degenerate code word. Try it. It's fun!


hsofia said...

I never thought about that, but it's a good point. What a horrible world it would be where women don't actually want to have sex. Yet we get that message all the time, don't we? (Only 'cougars,' 'nymphos,' and black men dressed as overweight women want sex.)

Desmond Ravenstone said...

Read Nancy Friday's _My Secret Garden_. Or _Sex Fantsies by Women, For Women_, edited by Lisa Sussman.

The flip side of this is that the sterotypical view of what men want in terms of sex is just that - a stereotype. Men's desires and turn-ons are just as diverse and complex as those expressed in the books I cited.

And all of them still get to the point, like in the comic.

smijer said...

You all have me curiuos. Being a dude means wondering what goes on inside women's heads a lot. So, I know (and thank goodness) that women like sex. But it's my impression that many fewer women actually enjoy porn - at least the way dudes do. So, do I misapprehend the situation? Or what?

Chalicechick said...

My impressions are:

1. Women tend to like verbal and auditory stimulation more then visual stimulation, so things like written erotica tend to be more popular.

2. So much porn is about women servicing men with minimal interest in getting pleasure themselves that good ladyporn is hard to find. I've known a straight woman or two who liked lesbian porn for this reason. At the same time, gay porn and especially slashfic also have their female fans.

3. Men are assumed to like porn, women who like porn tend to be quieter about it as they are concerned they will be judged for it. On the internet, nobody knows you're a woman.

4. Women, on the whole, like a little more of a story to their porn and a connection to the characters and are more likely to enjoy sex scenes in movies and novels than the more "tab A into slot B" approach that lots of porn takes.

5. All of these generalizations have many exceptions. There may even been some chicks who get off on clothed dudes vacuuming.

But I'm skeptical.


smijer said...

Well, thank you - I've read about item 1 on your list before, so that was a hunch of mine already... I hadn't really thought about item 2, but that makes a whole helluva lot of sense.... Item 3 - yeah, well that's kind of why I was asking... now that there is the internet are women (generally speaking, to the extent that generalizations are possible) indulging a pleasure they never felt they could before? Or not? Or would they be except that they have internalized the stigma? ...Item 4 - (insert joke about porn storylines here) ... Item 5 - goes without saying I guess.

But thank you for shedding light & helping me puzzle out those most mysterious of enigmas.

PG said...

Sigh, and the most recent episode of "30 Rock" just reinforces this cliche that "porn for women" has nothing to do with sex. I love Tina Fey, but I do wish her character on that show weren't quite so much the stereotype of a woman who desperately wants a boyfriend and babies, but doesn't like sex.