Saturday, July 25, 2009

CC is taking an exam now

So behave yourselves in the comments for the next four hours and feel free to appeal to the deity of your choice on my behalf. Non-theists and atheists may feel free to simply wish me well.



The Eclectic Cleric said...

Consider yourself well-wished, and embraced within the aura of healing white light which surrounds all test-takers and releases their stress and anxiety out into the world. Appropriately -- not be throwing chairs or shouting at police officers or anything like that. Be Well and Do Well!


Chalicechick said...


Thanks, Tim.

That was the first thing I saw when I got out of the exam and it meant a lot to me.

No chairs thrown, not police officers shouted at.

Just one very complicated fact pattern and a second simpler one with like twenty pieces of evidence to be addressed individually for relevance, special exceptions to admissability rules, materiality and, if applicable, hearsay and its relevant exceptions.

It was a long morning. And reading your note when I got out really made me feel better about it all. We don't get a lot of posts around here that are solely for the purpose of making someone's day better. So thanks for cheering up my corner of the internet.


PG said...

Re: this tweet from a few days ago, "have you ever considered how much a human life is worth?," Professor asks. "Well, yeah," I respond. "I've been a worker's comp paralegal."

That reminds me of the one clever thing in Peter Singer's op-ed re: health care reform, where he points out that we already accept cost-benefit analysis with regard to lives saved when it comes to regulations (at what point are airbags cheap enough that they save enough lives to make it sensible for them to be mandatory in all cars?), so we need to stop wanking about how we can't do that for health care.

Unfortunately, after that one good point, he decides to piss off disabled people for the gazillionth time.

kim said...

Hope you did well. I tuned in too late to wish you well ahead of time.