Saturday, July 25, 2009

I wouldn't call myself a John Travolta fan

But I really liked him in "Hairspray." I loved how he took a part that was essentially a walking fat joke in every other production and gave his portrayal a real sensitivity and depth of character. I loved how Travolta and Christopher Walked played what to me felt like a very real couple in love and I thought their number was one of the best in the show.

And having Tracy's mom be able to dance, and letting her dance, was just wonderful.

I get that a lot of people don't like his scientology inspired anti-gay rhetoric and I don't like it either. But frankly, I have these things called ovaries. And said ovaries pretty much guarantee that many, many of the great figures of history wouldn't have had much respect for me or thought I particularly needed an education or anything. So on some level, I feel like I've got to let that stuff go and focus on the good things that historical figures have done. I apply the same logic to liking Travolta's movies.

Anyway, Travolta seems to be backing away from the Church of Scientology. There were rumors that when Travolta's son died, the church were complete asses about it. So the reasons why Travolta might not feel like a scientologist seem clear enough, and that he would be brave enough to break away makes me like him more. I did a paper on cults last year and looked at quite a few scientology cases and leaving that church isn't easy.

I don't know if he will be able to do that. Maybe it's all just rumor anyway.

But I'm pulling for you, John.


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Comrade Kevin said...

Truth be told, there are many figures in the present day and throughout history who held objectionable beliefs but still contributed mightily to society.

The one that comes to mind first is Ezra Pound, whose poetry was brilliant but who openly supporter and gave radio broadcasts for Mussolini's fascist dictatorship.

I suppose it's all in how you weight it based on your own sense of conscience. My father still holds Ted Kennedy to blame for Chappaquiddick, despite the immense good he has done in the Senate.