Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't you wish you had the talent to make stuff like this?

I wish I did.

If your computer doesn't like horizontal things on the Chaliceblog, you can Watch it here.



hafidha sofia said...

Wow, seriously clever. "Wake up to die," is going to be stuck in my brain for a few days at least. And this verified for me that Palin's manner of speaking lacks any sort of melody.

uuMomma said...

Yes! I like the "best unintentional singer" at the end. This is very fun.

ogre said...

Awesome. Thanks, CC. I'll go wander Chicago with "wake up to die" running in my head now.

epilonious said...

It raises my "too corny" hackles.... and I cannot watch it for more than a few seconds... mostly because that auto-tune effect is really only barely applicable/tolerable for me in very dumb songs.

Seems like a fun concept tho... and the gospel "freeeeedom" bits got a smile.

kim said...

Wow. Seriously impressive. My musical stepson was explaining how to do it behind me as I watched.