Monday, July 06, 2009

I love stuff like this

A glucose-reader video game to encourage diabetic kids to take care of themselves. It turns a painful task into a Nintendo game by giving them points for measuring their sugar levels and keeping them within the medically-optimal range.

One of the reasons I'm a humanist, and one of the reasons I get so snotty when old white guys romanticize past decades, is that I love technology and I love how we're constantly adapting technology to solve human problems in clever ways. This sort of thing, this simple idea, is going to make the lives of diabetic kids, and the parents who are trying to teach them to take care of themselves, so much easier.

I love how human beings have this drive to create and to improve things. Even though we do make mistakes, even though some of the improvements have unintended consequences, I remain optimistic about the future because of simple ideas like this.

Awesome. Just awesome.


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