Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shards of Potter-y (sorry)

1. Preview before the show had yet another disaster movie where the White House gets destroyed. That never fails to get me in my gut. I could be frogmarched to another country and forced to spend the rest of my days there, and destroying the White House would still mean destroying home to me.

2. Alan Rickman didn't have as many scenes as he probably should have, but he sizzled when he was onscreen, at least partially because there weren't any scenes of him being pointlessly petty, which always detracted from the hotness of the movie.

3. Some of the changes that the movie script made improved the movie, most in subtle ways though one in a quite significant one. If anybody still cares, ask me in a week or so.

4. Years ago when I was liveblogging the Harry Potter books as I read them, I thought two scenes would be straight up awesome in the movies: the "Weasley twins drop out of Hogwarts and advertise their business" scene in book five and the "A pissed-off Hermione makes little birds appear in the air, and then sends them flying at Ron" in book six. I didn't think that the movie of five did justice to the Weasley twin exit, but I have no complaints about what the book six movie did with the birds.

5. The girl who plays Lavender Brown is REALLY hilarious. She totally overacts yet is somehow completely believable in her character.

6. Ron is kind of the butt monkey in this movie. OK, he usually sort of is, but it's doubly true in this one.



Robin Edgar said...

Dare I ask what a "butt monkey" is CC?

I mean I know I could go Google it, but I am not sure I even want to "Google" a butt monkey and I am quite sure that your explanation will be much more interesting than whatever Google finds out about butt monkeys. . . :-)

Robin Edgar said...

Oh and it looks like I owe you a slightly belated Happy Birthday if I read your Twitter feed correctly.

Strange Attractor said...

I am super excited to see The Half-Blood Price tonight. We are currently at HP minus seven hours.

Also, that is one of Xander's funniest scenes in all of Buffy. It's not a popular episode but it cracks me up.

ogre said...

It pains me that I'm not going to go and see this movie until... probably next week. By now, all o my family's gone--or in line, maybe--and...

Robin Edgar said...

:The term Butt-Monkey means the pathetic person whom everything bad happens to for comic relief reasons.

I figured that it was *probably* something along those lines in the context you presented the term but I have now done an initial free and responsible search for the truth and meaning of the term butt-monkey and have discovered that it actually seems to have an array of different meanings and interpretations including, but not limited to -

:Someone who is extremely irritating or annoying, a "pain in the ass."

:An object of abuse and ridicule.

:A sycophant, or "brown-noser."

So I guess The Emerson Avenger qualifies as a bit of a "butt monkey" himself, at least insofar as the first two definitions go. :-)