Sunday, July 26, 2009

Memo to self:

Buy building, get this guy to decorate it.

Cool, huh?

Though the passersby are the least realistic parts, I think their inclusion so adds to the work.

And if you think those are cool and don't know about Ron Mueck you should check him out, too.

In classier, or at least older, art, PB enthused about the Titian show. I'm thinking that 8 hours each way on the chinatown bus is not happening and a commuter flight isn't so bad as long as I leave on a Tuesday. I'm going to see if Jana who creates wants to go.

No promises.


Ps. This is both creepy and awesome.


ogre said...

Wow. Very cool stuff, CC.

(I'm imagining hiring him to decorate a church...)

Transient and Permanent said...

Yeah, that is some pretty awesome stuff, thanks for pointing to it. Like Ogre, I immediately starting thinking what he might do with a church or maybe a local Buddhist temple.

By the way, the link in your P.S. didn't work for me. Don't know why.

kim said...

Wow. I guess I'm overdue for a little trip to Los Gatos.
I wonder where the one in Santa Cruz is? We go there fairly often, because our favorite restaurant in the whole world is there.

kim said...

The Titian exhibit is in Boston?

PeaceBang said...

That cafe one messes with my brain.

Oh, DO come to the Titian Exhibit! The paintings, as you know, as ever so much more exquisite in real life!