Sunday, August 31, 2008

CC gets new perspective on the CSO's Mom

My mother-in-law and I have had our issues like any other mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but I have to say that I'm pretty sure that if I were on a major party ticket and she was unsure about how she was going to vote, she wouldn't tell the newspapers.



Bill Baar said...

I think people speak their mind in Alaska.

PG said...

So if reporters asked Faye Palin how many times a week she has sex, she'd answer that question too?

You can be discreet without being dishonest. From a loyalty-to-family perspective, if Mrs. Palin hasn't made up her mind in favor of McCain-Palin, she shouldn't take the reporters' calls and interview requests. If I were running for office, my Republican in-laws wouldn't talk to the press unless they could be 100% positive about me.

Of course, this is gold for the Obama-Biden campaign. Charles Krauthammer was claiming that Obama can't produce anyone who knows him well to speak on his behalf. The Republicans' VP pick is having her own family say that she brings nothing to the ticket. Again, my Republican family members at least would boost me as having great qualifications for whatever position I was going for, even if they as Republicans couldn't support a Democrat for it.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe this is a consequence of not choosing your VP till the last minute. No time to prep the families. I mean, geez. Why were they "surprised" to hear that she'd received the nomination. If my spouse were about to be pegged as VP running mate, I'd probably call my mom.

goodwolve said...

It just seems odd that the possible future president would have his team choose someone he and they know so little about. I don't know, there HAD to be safer choices then Palin.

Bill Baar said...

Has anyone asked Obama's uncle who liberated Auschwitz (really Buchenwald) how he'll vote?

Has anyone interviewed anyone who sat with Obama on the Annenberg Trust if their voting for him?

And why in the world did the press ignore Alsammarae's interview with Al Sawa Radio where he did say he'd vote for his old friend Rezko's mentee (he's back home now in Downers Grove Ill and never did get back to Iraq).

Most people know very little about Obama or who's he's worked with as community organizer and the $160 million he wasted with Ayers in the Chicago Annenberg Challange.

We'll know more about Palin's life, work, and family (and if they'll vote for her or not) in a week, then most people will know about Obama in the next 60 days.

There are a lot of people at the Michigan Ave Office working awfully hard to cover things up, scrubbing the documents at U of I library... it's the Chicago way.

Comrade Kevin said...


PG said...

Has anyone asked Obama's uncle who liberated Auschwitz (really Buchenwald) how he'll vote?

As anyone who paid attention to the DNC knows, Obama's great-uncle, Charles T. Payne, was at the convention. If Payne didn't want to give support to his great-nephew's bid for the presidency, it's awfully strange that such an old man would haul out to Denver.

And indeed, an Associated Press interview indicates that Payne is an Obama supporter:

Payne, with an Obama button pinned to his shirt, told the AP he was "truly astonished" by the attention paid to Obama's flub. The brother of Obama's maternal grandmother, Payne figures Obama heard the story wrong from his grandparents, "whose grasp of geography wasn't always the firmest." He said at the time he asked friends if he should "try to set the record straight," but that they advised him to ignore it.

Payne said he didn't want to say anything to embarrass the Obama campaign and minimized his role in the liberation of Ohrdruf.

After the war, Payne went to college in Kansas on the GI Bill and then to graduate school at the University of Chicago, where Obama would later lecture on constitutional law. He said he never completed his advanced degree because he got interested in computers and how they could be used in libraries. He retired at age 70 as assistant director of the University of Chicago's library.

Payne is proud of his great-nephew, who is prominently displayed in family photos.

"He's truly an astounding young man and always has been," he said.

Bill, is Payne one of those library scrubbers you're telling us about? He does seem to have a personal interest in doing so, and I wouldn't want to miss out on a conspiracy theory.

PeaceBang said...

LOVE this woman!!
Classic moment from the article:

"I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative. Well, she's a better speaker than McCain," Faye Palin said with a laugh.


PG said...

Oh, and some further source-backed comments on Bill Baar's "I live in Chicago so I can tell you how it is without providing any links" claims:

1) The University of Illinois made the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records public once UIC had the appropriate legal deed and they had been cleared for open access. Such records frequently contain confidential information such as the Social Security numbers of employees and thus have to be "scrubbed," as Bill would put it, to avoid exposing such people to identity theft and other infringements of privacy.

The frequency with which documents get publicly posted while still bearing such information has been well-noted by a privacy advocate who has been re-posting such documents online, with the SS numbers highlighted, in order to shame public officials into doing a better job of removing such info before posting the docs. But God forbid that bloggers be slowed in their tireless pursuit of truth by librarians trying to preserve private individuals' privacy.

If the documents have been "scrubbed" any more than that, it should be evident in blackouts and missing pages from documents, unless the scrubbing went deeper than even the CIA bothers and the librarians created whole new pages to cover for the missing ones that would have been negative for Obama. I look forward to Bill's trotting over to the library to find evidence of such scrubbing.

2) Some of the board members of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (who were the only people who sat on a board with Obama; the Annenberg Foundation Trust is a different entity based in Pennsylvania and Obama never sat on its board) not only are voting for Obama but donated to Obama for Illinois and Obama for America. Among these are Susan Crown and Stanley Ikenberry. Nor do these appear to be knee-jerk Dems, given that Ikenberry actually donated to Bush's campaign in 2003.

3) Regarding "the $160 million he wasted with Ayers in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge," there's no reason for people to know as little about it as Bill claims, unless they want to remain ignorant; there's a federal Ed Department report on the whole project. Read it and know the evil in Obama's heart! (Or, just contemplate the difficulty in running a project that, in its attempt to empower local councils, ran counter to the preferences of Chicago Mayor Daley.)

4) I am unsurprised to find that all of Bill's predictions earlier in the election cycle, about how Rezko's trial would be incredibly damaging to Obama because of the new information it would bring out, have resulted only in Bill's telling us that one of Rezko's unsavory friends is going to vote for Obama. And if Scooter Libby has been re-enfranchised by the pardon, I'm guessing he'll vote for McCain.

PG said...

Incidentally, I think we now know why Faye Palin didn't feel obligated to say she supported McCain-Palin -- tit for tat.