Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lick it, Lips!

As a public service, I'd like to inform you that there will be a Rocky Horror Picture Show Convention in Atlantic City the weekend of September 28.

I'm so tempted to go just to people watch.

who, with Joe-the-Math-Guy, theCSO and a bunch of her college amigos once forced the Rialto theater in Raleigh to impose a limit on the number of rolls of toilet paper one person could bring in after we brought in a dozen rolls apeice. (WalMart had a sale.)

Ah, the halcyon days of my misspent youth.


ogre said...

Are you aware that there's a remake of Rocky Horror in the works? Apparently with a lot of the same off-screen movers and shakers involved.

I immediately have doubts...

Chalicechick said...

I have doubts myself, though I think Amanda Bynes could play an amazing Janet.


Anonymous said...

Only if John Waters does it.


Joe The Math Guy said...

Word I got from the folks who do the RHPS in Raleigh is that Richard O'Brien (original creator of The Rocky Horror Show and also player of Riff-Raff) is not in on this. He is not opposed to it, but he is not in the loop and he does not endorse it.

'Nuff said. Or "QED," as we math guys say.

Joe The Math Guy said...

Joe-the-math-guy is sorry to have to correct CC, but he is pretty sure Harris-Teeter had the sale.

nkjvcjs said...

Those trips to Raleigh for Rocky Horror were the best. I really miss those. We have never found a place in Chicago that was as much fun.